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Minerva brings pragmatic governance and management of collective investment schemes, particularly to the advisory and wealth management sectors supported by a wealth of institutional, retail investment and fund management experience.

We are both proactive and pragmatic in our approach and client led in our partnerships. Our goal is to understand your needs first and build our experience around your expectations and desires. We believe our professionalism is integral to your success, as is our desire to become aligned with you to support the growth in your business. 

Launching a fund with Minerva Fund Management Solutions


If establishing a fund is an appropriate solution for you, our expert team will work with you to create a fund that meets you and your clients objectives. The partnership will be led by you. We will bring the knowledge and experience required to establish and support a UK regulated fund providing the requisite governance and control elements, leaving you to focus on your business.


At Minerva Fund Management Solutions, we pride ourselves in our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge which is exemplified in our service. We believe our market leading proposition will put your mind at rest, so you that you can focus on your business secure in the knowledge that we are managing all aspects of fund operations to the required regulatory standard on your behalf.


We will work hard to understand the needs of your business and desired investment outcomes, with the objective to deliver the most appropriate solution for you and your clients – we will guide you every step of the way with our friendly and expert team. Our objective is to help you align your fund to the investor, their risk appetite and investment outcomes, safe in the knowledge we will undertake all of the compliance and FCA regulatory obligations required of a regulated fund.

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